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Zimmi Diamond Expected to Reach $705,000

Zimmi Diamonds are in the spotlight this month as Hong Kong prepares to auction a rare 6.70 carat VS1 fancy deep yellow diamond (pictured) on 28 November, which could fetch up to $705,000.

Sourced from the famous Zimmi mines in the rainforests of Sierra Leone, our canary yellow diamonds can command up to double the price of other fancy yellow diamonds thanks to their unique high colour saturation. And the chances of uncovering a Zimmi diamond this size is also incredibly rare considering the diamonds are sourced from natural riverbed mines that are traditionally mined and sorted by hand.

Also at the Tiancheng International Jewellery and Jadeite Autumn Auction 2020 this month is a pair of Zimmi Diamond earrings (3.03-carat and 3.01-carat) with an estimated value of up to $320,000.

With only a predicted 15 years of mlning for Zimmi Diamonds remaining in the region, the price of these unique yellow stones continues to rise as investors and jewellers appreciate the amazing investment opportunity together with the stones’ stunning natural beauty.

Thanks to our family-leased mines in Sierra Leone and our offices in Antwerp, we are the leading exporter of Zimmi Diamonds – bringing rough and polished stones direct from the river mines straight to the market. Get in touch with our team today to enquire about investing in your own Zimmi Diamond.


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