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Supporting environmentally-friendly mining & local communities


The Konja Mining Co-operative ensures miners and agriculturalists along the Mano river belt are supported with resources, equipment and transportation. By working as a collective, Konja Mining is able to provide employment and guidance to all the river communities involved in all aspects of the mining of Zimmi Diamonds as well as business development opportunities both at home and abroad.


Zimmi Diamonds associated charity, The Mercury Charitable Foundation, is the largest private charity in Sierra Leone and has been instrumental in supporting the government of Sierra Leone in the development of the country through its education programmes. From embarking on infrastructural development such as rehabilitation of roads, building new schools and introducing sustainable electricity, we also award scholarships to students in the universities of Liberia.

Aside from supporting local communities through our associated Charity, it is also our mission at Zimmi Diamonds to ensure our mining methods are environmentally-friendly and sustainable. Our methods of excavation ensure the landscape is not adversely affected and the riverbed remains intact.


Visit to discover more about our connection and commitment to our mining communities.

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